Hello! My name is Sylvia. I love to do art. Art is one of my passions that I like to do. I enjoy to also blog,play my trombone,play my guitar,play my accordion, and to sing. I have many more passions but these are most of them. I use Google+ to get in contact with my audience.

So, this is more things about me!
  • I have two dogs
  • I have an art blog (obviously)
  • I also enjoy fashion
  • I like the winter
  • I play 3 instruments
  • I am Polish
  • I love to sew
  • I am interested in designing clothes
  • I love to do crafts!
  •  I love to travel everywhere
  • I like to cook
  • I enjoy singing
  • I enjoy to go camping

Stay tooned for more things about myself!

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