Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to make Patriotic Paper Lanterns

ka101350_sum05_lantern.jpg  Hello everyone! This Monday is Memorial Day. Today we are going to do a fun, festive craft for this holiday. You can use this craft as a decoration to hang everywhere. You can also string it outside for a barbeque. Or you can beat the heat and keep you lanterns inside as a nice, patriotic decoration to give your house that nice red,white,and blue feeling. You can also use these easy lanterns as a decoration Now lets get started!

  • Construction paper(red,white,and blue)
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  1. Cut construction paper to 6 by 9 inches; fold in half lengthwise.
  2.  Fold edges back 1/2 inch for rims, and crease; unfold. 
  3. Glue a 1/2-by-9-inch strip of decorative paper on each rim.
  4.  Cut slits from middle fold to rims, spacing 3/4 inch apart. 
  5. Shape into lantern: Open paper; bring the ends together to overlap slightly; staple. Staple 3/4-by-8-inch paper handle inside lantern. 
  6. Glue on construction-paper stars.
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Friday, May 17, 2013

How to make Rocket favor packaging

 Hello everyone. In a few weeks Memorial day will come. Today we are going to make a craft that will get you planning for Memorial Day. We will make red,white, and blue rocket favors. You can store candy or anything else in these cute favors to give out during Memorial Day. I hope these rockets sure bring out that patriotic feeling of Memorial Day. Now, lets get started!

  • Rocket Crackers Clip Art
  • 8 1/2-by-11-inch heavyweight paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • 8-by-5 1/2-inch pieces of white tissue paper
  • White twine
  • Hot-glue gun

  1. Print the clip art onto the heavy weight paper or regular paper if wanted.
  2. Place the rectangular clip art blank side up. Put double sided tape on one side.Fold a piece of tissue paper in half (so it measures 4 by 5 1/2 inches). Place the tissue fold at the bottom of the card stock, pressing it to the tape to secure.
  3.  Roll the card stock and tissue into a tube, and secure with double-sided tape. Cinch the tissue at the bottom of the rocket, and tie it with twine.
  4. Roll fan-shaped clip art into a cone; secure with hot glue. Place candies inside rocket. Use hot glue to attach cone to body.
  5. Enjoy your rocket!
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to make 2 types of Loopy Bows

DIY: How to tie bows - How to make a graduated loopy bow - How to make a loopy bow  Hello everyone. Today  is the last day of April and we are going into May. In May we have Cinco De Mayo, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day. We are going to make a bow for Mother's Day today. This bow can also be for decorating or for hair use. You can use this bow and attach it to your Mother's Day present. Now lets get started!

  • ribbon
  • floral wire or pipe cleaners
  • scissors

Making a graduated loopy bow. 1.Make a loop leaving the tail the desired length. 

2. Continue making loops gradually increasing the size of the loops until the bow is full and you have enough ribbon left over to make the remaining tail. 

3. Secure the center of the bow with ribbon or floral wire.  

4. Fan out the loops.

5. Cut the tails at an angle or in points to finish off the look of the bow.

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 Making a loopy bow 1. Make a loop leaving the tail the desired length.  

2. Continue making loops keeping them uniform in size until the bow is full and you have enough ribbon left over to make the remaining tail. 

3. Secure the center of the bow with floral or bow making wire 

4. Fan out the loops 

5. Cut the tails at an angle or in points to 

 finish off the bow.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to make a Dream catcher

Hello everyone, today we are going to make a dream catcher. This craft is very simple. It uses materials that are around your house and it does not cost a lot of money. Usually dream catchers are made out of metal, yarn, and feathers. But, with this dream catcher it will be made out of paper plates, yarn, and paper. This craft may even help you sleep better! Now, lets get started!

  • 4-8 feet of yarn
  • paper
  • scissors
  • paper plate
  • markers
  • hole puncher
  1. First, cut a big circle out of your paper plate. Next, cut tiny triangles on the edge of the plate.
  2. Color the edges of the plate.
  3. Hole punch 5 holes on the bottom of the plate. Next, cut 5 pieces of tarn and knot the bottoms.
  4. Make a feather outline on your paper and cut it out. Hole punch the top and string it through. Make other feathers for the rest of the strings.
  5. You can make paper beads to string on too! (teaches how to make it in the video below)
  6. Knot each string in one of the five holes.
  7. Now you take your other string and weave the yarn through the triangles. Make sure you knot the yarn so it will be secure.
  8. Weave the yarn back and forth through the plate and knot the end of the string to an edge.
  9. You are done! Enjoy your dream catcher!

Friday, April 12, 2013

How to make a can tab bracelet.

  Hello everyone! It is the second week of April and Earth Day is coming closer and closer. Earth Day is the day when you do something good for the Earth. Like, planting flowers or picking up trash from your local trails. Well, today my craft will be based on can tabs. People usually throw these away but, they can be used for different things. We are going to make bracelets with these can tabs. You can also try to make a belt or neckline with these simple steps too! Now lets get started!!!!
  • ribbon
  • can tabs 
  1. First take a long piece of string or ribbon. Then fold it in half, make a knot on top of it.
  2. Take your first tab and string the two strings through the two holes.
  3. Take your next tab and put it under the first tab and put the first hole to the other first hole and string the string through the hole made in the middle.
  4. Keep repeating and then do it to the back of the bracelet also.
Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how to make a can tab bracelet!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to make Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

giant tissue paper flowers   Hello everyone! Spring is just coming in. To celebrate Spring, today we are going to make Giant Tissue Paper flowers. This craft makes a good use out of tissue paper to make big, radiant flowers. These flowers are not the usual size of flowers so, surely they will bright up any room. Now lets get started!

  • scissors
  • tape
For each flower:
  •  6 large sheets of tissue paper
  • 1 pipe cleaner
  • two 6-foot lengths of green crepe paper
  • one 4-foot bamboo garden stake or stick(optional)  


  1. First stack 6 different-colored sheets of tissue paper, then fold the stack accordion style the long way.
  2. Twist a pipe cleaner around the center.
  3. Round both ends of the stack with scissors.
  4. Open the flower by gently pulling up 1 layer of tissue paper at a time toward the center.
  5. Turn over the flower and use the pipe cleaner ends to attach two 6-foot strips of crepe paper streamers to the bottom of the flower.
  6. Now take those same ends and wrap them around one end of a bamboo garden stake. Tape them in place to secure.
    Giant Tissue Paper Flowers  - Step 2
    Second Step

    Giant Tissue Paper Flowers  - Step 1
    First Step
Giant Tissue Paper Flowers  - Step 3
Third Step

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers  - Step 4
Fourth Step

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers  - Step 5
Fifth Step

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers  - Step 6
Sixth Step

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Easter Egg Carton Chicks

  Hello everyone. Yesterday was the first day of Spring! All the holidays are flying past us. Eater is coming soon! Spring welcomes us and the bunnies and birds start coming out. To get ready for Easter you can make this easy craft. This craft uses items around your house and makes great a great Easter gift. Now lets get started!


  • empty egg carton
  • colored paper
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tape
  • yellow paint


  1. First cut out two egg carton cups.
  2. Take the two cups and on the back, tape them together so they stick.
  3. Take your yellow paint and paint the two egg carton cups.
  4. Cut two small yellow triangles from the paper for the chicks arms.
  5. Cut out two orange triangles from paper for the chicks beak. For the feet, cut out two triangles. Then, on the bottom side of it, cut out smaller triangles.
  6. Glue the beak,feet,and arms on the chick.
  7. Make the eyes with a black marker.
  8. Enjoy!!!!!!