Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to make a Dream catcher

Hello everyone, today we are going to make a dream catcher. This craft is very simple. It uses materials that are around your house and it does not cost a lot of money. Usually dream catchers are made out of metal, yarn, and feathers. But, with this dream catcher it will be made out of paper plates, yarn, and paper. This craft may even help you sleep better! Now, lets get started!

  • 4-8 feet of yarn
  • paper
  • scissors
  • paper plate
  • markers
  • hole puncher
  1. First, cut a big circle out of your paper plate. Next, cut tiny triangles on the edge of the plate.
  2. Color the edges of the plate.
  3. Hole punch 5 holes on the bottom of the plate. Next, cut 5 pieces of tarn and knot the bottoms.
  4. Make a feather outline on your paper and cut it out. Hole punch the top and string it through. Make other feathers for the rest of the strings.
  5. You can make paper beads to string on too! (teaches how to make it in the video below)
  6. Knot each string in one of the five holes.
  7. Now you take your other string and weave the yarn through the triangles. Make sure you knot the yarn so it will be secure.
  8. Weave the yarn back and forth through the plate and knot the end of the string to an edge.
  9. You are done! Enjoy your dream catcher!

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