Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Easter Egg Carton Chicks

  Hello everyone. Yesterday was the first day of Spring! All the holidays are flying past us. Eater is coming soon! Spring welcomes us and the bunnies and birds start coming out. To get ready for Easter you can make this easy craft. This craft uses items around your house and makes great a great Easter gift. Now lets get started!


  • empty egg carton
  • colored paper
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tape
  • yellow paint


  1. First cut out two egg carton cups.
  2. Take the two cups and on the back, tape them together so they stick.
  3. Take your yellow paint and paint the two egg carton cups.
  4. Cut two small yellow triangles from the paper for the chicks arms.
  5. Cut out two orange triangles from paper for the chicks beak. For the feet, cut out two triangles. Then, on the bottom side of it, cut out smaller triangles.
  6. Glue the beak,feet,and arms on the chick.
  7. Make the eyes with a black marker.
  8. Enjoy!!!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Day

Shamrock Gardland

Easy St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Gardland

  Hello everyone. St. Patrick's Day is coming up this Sunday. Are you Irish? Even if you are not then you should still join in on the fun. Today I am going to show you how to make a Shamrock Gardland. This craft will welcome your home for St. Patrick's and will bring some Irish spirit to your home. Hopefully the four-leaf clovers will bring you luck. Now lets get started!

st patricks day decorations Easy St. Patricks Day Craft: Shamrock Garland 

  • string
  • green pipe-cleaners
  • scissors

  1. Cut three equal pieces of string to the same size.
  2. Tightly braid your three pieces of string. (If you do not know how to braid your string look down all the way after direction number 5)
  3. Simply wrap the pipe cleaner around all four fingers, slip them off, then bend the long end around the middle to make the stem.

pipe cleaner shamrocks Easy St. Patricks Day Craft: Shamrock Garland

  4.Loop your shamrocks on the braided string and tie the ends of the string so the shamrocks won't fall off of it.

  5.Enjoy you Shamrock Garland!

I got some of this information from:



How to braid your string




Thursday, March 7, 2013

  The debate against Digital Art and Sequential Art is now on The Creative Corner. Which one is better in the Art showdown? Lets find out and see...

art bnDigital Art
 Digital art is art that you can make with technology.  Digital art has transformed art into something you can do online. The meaning of Digital art is: a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Most Digital art is made for advertisements or for special effects in films. Digital art is mostly 2D visual information displayed on a monitor, and then, the information mathematically translates into 3D information, viewed through the perspective projection on a monitor. The simplest is 2D computer graphics which reflect how you might draw using a pencil and a piece of paper.

Sequential Art
  Sequential art is like comics. But, some early examples of sequential art are cave paintings or Egyptian hieroglyphs. Greeks also made Sequential sculpture. They would make vases to tell stories. The pottery they made lacked color and used sculpture instead. Another example of Sequential art is weaving. Weaving can also tell a story. Most recently we use comics.You can find them in the pages of magazines and newspapers.

This first chart will show you the pros and cons of Digital Art.

       Digital Art
  • can make with technology
  • can be used in films as special effects
  • can be used in advertisements
  • new features can bring new ideas
  • many options for the tools
  • easy to edit
  • replaces the real art
  • can make paintings exactly the same as the real thing
  • does not provide the texture and volume of the real art
  • does not have the real art effect
  • some techniques are harder to do
This second chart is about the pros and cons about Sequential Art.

      Sequential Art
  • form of using images deployed in sequence
  • can be comics, Greek pottery, Egyptian hieroglyphs,etc.
  • was not digital
  • sometimes was pieces of history 
  • it was like "real"art
  • may be expensive to get materials
  • takes longer to make
  • less convenient
  • takes more of an art experience
  • not many options for the tools
 Top 5 Digital artworks:
  1.  The Penguins (Madagascar Series)
  2.  Gingerbread Man (Shrek Series)
  3.  Roz (Monster's Inc.)
  4.  Disney's Toy Story 3
  5.  Edna Mode (The Incredibles)     
Top 5 Sequential artworks (comics):
  1.  Superman
  2.  Calvin and Hobbes
  3.  Garfield
  4.  Archie
  5.  The Amazing Spider Man

  Both Digital art and Sequential art both have good reasons. Digital art is the modern way to do art. Sequential art is another classic type of art. Which do you prefer? Take the poll to find out which one is better.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Traditional Art vs. Modern Art

  The debate against Traditional Art and Modern Art is here.

      Traditional Art
 Traditional art is cultural artwork. Traditional artists work organically within a community. These artists learn informally from someone that is in their community.  Traditional art can also be named folk art. Since Traditional art did not have to be "art" it could have been a tattooed bamboo pipe or a calendar stick. Traditional art is not only folk art but is like a painting. This type of Traditional art focuses on realistic things but sometimes mythical. This kind of Traditional art can also focus on religious things.
   Modern Art
 Modern art is a style of a kind of artwork that extended around the 1860s to the 1970s. Modern artists made artwork that were abstracted. Some modern art includes different colorful shapes or figures. Modern art can be reduced to three solids:cube,sphere,and cone. Modern art has different styles like analytic cubism and synthetic cubism. This kind of art is made up of different textures,surfaces,collage elements, papier collĂ© and a large variety of merged subject matter.

  The first chart shows only the pro and cons of Traditional art.

        Traditional Art                 

  • has been defined within the parameters of painting,drawing,sculpting, and architecture
  • we refer to it as realist or figurative
  • focuses on the figure and realism
  • was based on human figure of landscape
  • can also be like folk art

  • the art has sometimes been altered
  • some artists forged traditional materials
  • some of the artwork went in neither category of painting of sculpture
  • stayed with the tradition
  • lead oxides may be used in some of the art 
  The second chart shows the pros and cons about Modern art.

          Modern Art
  • abstraction is used 
  • the artists feel free to trust their inner visions
  • characterized by a large number of different movements occurring at the same time
  •   resembles something in life
  • can be just about anything the artist wants 
  • there are no rules in modern art
  • hard to explain the artwork
  • the traditions have been thrown aside
  • hard to find the meanings of the artwork
  • they are not realistic
  The top 5 Traditional artworks are:
  1. The Mona Lisa 
  2. Starry Night 
  3. The Last Supper 
  4. American Gothic 
  5. Girl with a pearl earring 
  The top 5 Modern artworks are:
  1. The Scream 
  2. The Persistence Of Memory 
  3.  Marilyn Monroe
  4. Campbell's Soup Cans 
  5. Guerenica 

  Both of these types of art have different good things about them. Traditional art stays within the rules. But, Modern art goes all the way out and breaks the boundaries of art. I personally like Traditional art better. Traditional art is my style. This is just my opinion. Which type of art do you like better? 
   Now it is your time to choose which is better. Traditional art and Modern art are both good but I prefer Traditional art. Please take the poll to see which type of art is better.