Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Flowers Collage

Spring Flowers Collage

Riani rose skirt
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Mirrored Letter

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring is drawing nearer! How to make paper carnations!

How to make paper carnations

  Hello everyone! I know that it is still winter but don't frown. Spring is coming! Springtime is a very wonderful time of the year. The plants start growing back,the flowers start to bloom,and there is fresh green grass starting to pop up from the ground. Doesn't that sound so wonderful? Spring is the time of the year that everything gets pretty. So, today we are going to make paper carnations.
       Paper carnations are fun and easy to make. These paper carnations can be made in any colors you want. For sure this craft will bring Spring into your home! Paper carnations are not real flowers(Obviously!They are made out of paper.) so they will not make a mess in your home and you do not need to water them. These paper carnations will stay in a good condition for a long time so you can show these flowers off in your home for a long time. I hope that everyone will enjoy this craft. Now lets get started!
  •  any color tissue paper
  • scissors 
  • pipe cleaners(chenille stems)
     Steps:   1. Layer 3-4 sheets of tissue paper and then cut them into 4-5” wide strips that are 12” long. 
   2. Cut about 1.5” off the end of a pipe cleaner(chenille stem) and set aside.Take the remaining piece of the chenille stem and lay about 2” of it onto the tissue paper and roll up (starting at the short end) around the pipe cleaner(chenille stem). 
   3. Once you completely rolled it up, take the short piece of the pipe cleaner (chenille stem) that you cut off earlier and twist it around the bottom of the tissue paper to hold it in place.
   4. Use scissors to cut 2-3” long slits down from the top of the rolled tissue paper. Continue around until all strips are cut.  
   5. Roll up a 6”x2” piece of green tissue paper and place at the top of the flower stem.  
   6. Grab the bottom of the stem and bring it up and over the green tissue paper and twist tight. These are the flower’s leaves.  
   7. Repeat, making several different flowers, then combine the stems to make a bouquet. 
   8. Twist the stem of any one of the flowers around the rest of the stems to hold them all together.  
   9. Place them in a vase and use them as a table centerpiece.
Tips: If you want a scent to your flowers you can spray some perfume on your flower bouquet.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

 How to make jewelry out of paper,Starbursts wrappers,or candy wrappers

  Hello everyone today I will show you a video on how to make jewelry with wrappers or paper. Making recycable jewelry will help the planet. This jewelry will be fun and stylish. Also, you can make a zig-zag design if you don't want to make your recycable craft into jewelry. This craft is for you and if you make this craft you will be recycling and making the Earth a better place to live on.
    This eco-friendly craft is fun and easy to make. Anyone can make this craft! Sometimes crafts are hard if you make them for the first time. But, if you keep trying, at the end you will get your final result that you have been expecting! So, keep trying and never give up! :) I hope that everyone enjoyed this craft!

Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Jewelry Holder

DIY Valentine's Day Jewelry Holder

  Hey guys!Valentine's Day is just around the corner.(Aren't you excited?)Today we are going to make something to spice up your room for Valentine's Day!This jewelry holder can be made easily.It is such a great decoration and it is a great place to hold your jewelry.The jewelry holder is not only for Valentine's Day but,it can be made into a different shape or letter if you want it to be a regular decoration.
   This craft makes a great gift for anyone and a great regular decoration.Also,if anyone tried out this craft then let me know in the comment section.I hope that everyone will enjoy this craft! :)