Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Super simple Way To Do Colorful 3D Art

  Since there is a lot of cool street art I thought that I can do something simpler and recreate some kind of 3D figure! Looking at some 3D picture or art looks like it is very complicated to do. But, it is actually pretty easy. I find that 3D art can be inspiring to do more 3D things that you thought you can never draw before.  Doing  3D art is super simple by following these steps:
  •  drawing paper
  • magic marker or a sharpie
  • colored pencils
  • pencil  
  1. Put your hand on the paper and trace the outline of it very lightly so it won't be noticed too much.
  2. Draw horizontal lines on your paper in magic marker or a sharpie.  The lines should be drawn straight outside of the outline of your hand and curved inside the outline. This will make it look like your hand is popping out of the paper.
  3.  Use the colored pencils to color in the lines but don't color the same color in a row or else your drawing will not look as that good and pop out like 3D!
I got this from:


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