Friday, March 1, 2013

Traditional Art vs. Modern Art

  The debate against Traditional Art and Modern Art is here.

      Traditional Art
 Traditional art is cultural artwork. Traditional artists work organically within a community. These artists learn informally from someone that is in their community.  Traditional art can also be named folk art. Since Traditional art did not have to be "art" it could have been a tattooed bamboo pipe or a calendar stick. Traditional art is not only folk art but is like a painting. This type of Traditional art focuses on realistic things but sometimes mythical. This kind of Traditional art can also focus on religious things.
   Modern Art
 Modern art is a style of a kind of artwork that extended around the 1860s to the 1970s. Modern artists made artwork that were abstracted. Some modern art includes different colorful shapes or figures. Modern art can be reduced to three solids:cube,sphere,and cone. Modern art has different styles like analytic cubism and synthetic cubism. This kind of art is made up of different textures,surfaces,collage elements, papier collé and a large variety of merged subject matter.

  The first chart shows only the pro and cons of Traditional art.

        Traditional Art                 

  • has been defined within the parameters of painting,drawing,sculpting, and architecture
  • we refer to it as realist or figurative
  • focuses on the figure and realism
  • was based on human figure of landscape
  • can also be like folk art

  • the art has sometimes been altered
  • some artists forged traditional materials
  • some of the artwork went in neither category of painting of sculpture
  • stayed with the tradition
  • lead oxides may be used in some of the art 
  The second chart shows the pros and cons about Modern art.

          Modern Art
  • abstraction is used 
  • the artists feel free to trust their inner visions
  • characterized by a large number of different movements occurring at the same time
  •   resembles something in life
  • can be just about anything the artist wants 
  • there are no rules in modern art
  • hard to explain the artwork
  • the traditions have been thrown aside
  • hard to find the meanings of the artwork
  • they are not realistic
  The top 5 Traditional artworks are:
  1. The Mona Lisa 
  2. Starry Night 
  3. The Last Supper 
  4. American Gothic 
  5. Girl with a pearl earring 
  The top 5 Modern artworks are:
  1. The Scream 
  2. The Persistence Of Memory 
  3.  Marilyn Monroe
  4. Campbell's Soup Cans 
  5. Guerenica 

  Both of these types of art have different good things about them. Traditional art stays within the rules. But, Modern art goes all the way out and breaks the boundaries of art. I personally like Traditional art better. Traditional art is my style. This is just my opinion. Which type of art do you like better? 
   Now it is your time to choose which is better. Traditional art and Modern art are both good but I prefer Traditional art. Please take the poll to see which type of art is better.


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  2. A Very Gud differences you have made...

  3. modern art shows the soul not the face. the reality is sometimes false.

  4. When words fail us, traditional art expresses what the eye sees and modern art what the soul feels.

  5. This is really pro-traditional.

    And what the fuck do you mean that Starry Night and The Scream are not in the same category?