Friday, April 12, 2013

How to make a can tab bracelet.

  Hello everyone! It is the second week of April and Earth Day is coming closer and closer. Earth Day is the day when you do something good for the Earth. Like, planting flowers or picking up trash from your local trails. Well, today my craft will be based on can tabs. People usually throw these away but, they can be used for different things. We are going to make bracelets with these can tabs. You can also try to make a belt or neckline with these simple steps too! Now lets get started!!!!
  • ribbon
  • can tabs 
  1. First take a long piece of string or ribbon. Then fold it in half, make a knot on top of it.
  2. Take your first tab and string the two strings through the two holes.
  3. Take your next tab and put it under the first tab and put the first hole to the other first hole and string the string through the hole made in the middle.
  4. Keep repeating and then do it to the back of the bracelet also.
Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how to make a can tab bracelet!

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  1. Love the post, people should really start reclycling things and making them into new objects! It is our way of thanking Mother Nature for providing us a home and most of the essentail things for surviving. Have you ever tried to make a can tab bracelet, necklace etc? To you suggest any tips for beginners/ first timers? Please check out my blog and/or comment- aka- Tourist Temptation!