Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Its Thanksgivin' Time

   I can't believe its already Thanksgiving! Today I will give you guys some facts about Thanksgiving and the history about it. This post will be a special post for the holidays and I will try to do a post for each holiday. Oh, and I am also sorry that this post is so late because Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Okay so lets get started.

  The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. It was a 3 day festival of hunting,eating, and other entertainment. Thanksgiving was in honor of the pilgrims' first successful harvest. The Indians killed 5 deer as gifts for the colonists. They did not have turkey and they did not have potatoes or pumpkin pie because it was not introduced to New England yet. But they did have deer and they may have eaten cranberries but if they did then they would be served plain and not in a sauce or relish. Thanksgiving did not become an annual tradition until more than 200 years later! You can get a lot of Thanksgiving information like this at...

  Now I will show you a Thanksgiving video about the story of Thanksgiving. I chose this video to show you guys because in the video it shows drawings of the events the man is singing about and that is art related for an art blog. The information that I gave you above will probably not really show up throughout the video because it is a quick summary of the history. The video shows pretty cool drawings if you look at it in an art perspective. The video teaches a lot of information and I hope you enjoy it! The video is on this link...

 I hope you liked this special Thanksgiving post and Tune in to many more special posts for the upcoming holidays. 


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