Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 Hey guys, today I will show you how to make bat decorations for Halloween. The first thing is a hanging bat that is pretty easy to make. The second decoration is a bat mobile that is pretty cool so you should see the video that I posted. I hope that you will find all you need on my art blog!

                                                         Batty Halloween Decoration!
You will need:
                                                      * Black sock
This is batting
* Batting
* Black and white crafts foam                      
* Two black pipe cleaners
* Glue gun
* Scissors
* Safety pin

 First, you have to put batting up to the heel of  your black clean sock. Trim the extra fabric off. Then, you fold the fabric and secure it with a safety pin. Next, you cut your black and white foam out to make the bat wings, the eyes, and the mouth. Cut, the pipe cleaners into 3 pieces and twist the pieces together to make a bat foot. Lastly, you hot glue gun the eyes,wings,mouth,and the bats feet onto the bat. Hang your bat anywhere and enjoy your art skills.

The next Halloween art project I will show you is the bat mobile. As you noticed today I am all writing about bats. Bats are a part of Halloween too. So, In this video it will teach you on how to make the wonderful bat mobile. In the video you will learn that you have to make a mobile evenly. In the video they will explain all you need to know. I know it is not Halloween yet but, I love to blog about making Halloween crafts. For these crafts I am trying to make them interesting but, I am trying to make them so it is easy to make. I would like to see what you guys want for me to blog about and what topics. So, I need all you people and future artists and crafters to tell me what you want on this blog. Remember that this blog is for you guys! Read it! Share it! Comment!


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