Wednesday, October 17, 2012

                               Making a collage!!!!! 

 A collage is when you rip up tiny pieces of paper to resemble a picture. Collages are easy to make but it might be hard to resemble a picture with ripped up pieces of magazine paper. Try to look at the pictures of collages that I posted so you can get an idea of what you should make!

Things that you will need:

* a piece of paper
* a few magazines
* glue

For making your collage decide what you want to make first. Then look through your magazines and find the colors you need. You can rip out anything from the magazine that has the color or colors you need. Try to rip everything to tiny pieces and not all large pieces. Then, glue the things on the paper. You need to try to resemble your shape or picture so it won't be a bunch of ripped up pieces of paper. Try not to use scissors because your hands will make the it easier to make your collage.

                               A meaning of collage

A collage is a piece of art. It can be made with photos,newspaper,
ribbons,magazines,etc. A collage is on a piece of paper or you can call it a canvas. The collage is glued on the canvas. Making collages is a very old art. It can be traced back hundreds of years ago. Making collages reappeared in the 20th century as an art form of novelty. Collage means "glue" in French.


  1. That magazine potrait craft is so cool! I thought you would need things that would be impossible to find, but you just need the thing that gets mailed to you almost everyday! I will definetly try this, I wonder how it will look.
    Have you ever tried this?
    Please reply.

    1. Yes, I have tried this and I loved it. I was just remembering what art things I have done over the years. I really liked this craft so thats why I posted it!