Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to make a Snowflake

   So, now it is a new year. There has not been much snow yet or not at all depending on where you live. So, today we are going to make our own ''snow''. We are going to make paper snowflakes! I hope that these paper snowflakes will bring out the Winter in January. So, lets get started!

--White Construction Paper

2.jpgStep 1. Fold your paper down to a corner and cut the excess rectangle off.

Step 2. After you cut the excess paper fold your paper in half so it looks like a smaller triangle.



Step 3. Cut your pattern on the sides of your triangle but try not to cut too much or else  your snowflake will fall apart.

 Step 4. Unfold your snowflake and now you can hang it or decorate with it.

I got some of this info from: 


  1. I haven't seen much snow lately and now I can with my paper snowflakes!Problem Solved!

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