Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to make a Paper Curls Valentine's Day Wreath

  I know that it is not Valentine's Day yet but,lets get into that Valentine's Day spirit.Isn't everyone excited!Today I decided that since Friday is February 1st I will be doing some Valentine's Day posts.The wreath that we will be making looks hard but,after you start doing it,you will realize that this craft is simple and it also looks nice.You can hang it anywhere you want it to be and it will bring some Valentine's Day spirit to your home.Now lets get started!

 Paper Curls Valentine Wreath 
  • 1x6-inch paper strips
  • pencil
  •  hot-glue gun
  • 8-inch foam wreath form
  • liquid adhesive
  • glitter
  1. Tightly wrap 1x6-inch strips of patterned paper around a pencil to curl. 
  2.Glue the end of each curl into a loop. 
  3. Hot-glue the paper to an 8-inch foam wreath form. Repeat until the form is covered.
  4. Lightly brush liquid adhesive over the paper curls, and sprinkle with glitter.
I got this craft from:http://www.bhg.com/holidays/valentines-day/decorating/hand-crafted-valentines-day-decor/#page=1

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