Thursday, January 24, 2013

Duct Tape

  Duct tape is one of my favorite things to use for making crafts. Duct tape can make a lot of different things starting from simple bows to prom dresses! Duct tape can also come in different colors like pink,white,usual gray,etc . But,duct tape can also come in some funky designs like zebra print,plaid,mustache print,polka dot,and even more!One of my favorite brands of duct tape is duck tape.Duck tape has the best designs and it is easy to use.Today I will show you how to make a duct tape heart.Since January is almost ending and it is almost February I decided that I should get some Valentines Day crafts started! Lets get duct taping...


Supplies and Tools
•  Duct tape (pink, white)
• Stuffing (Bubble Wrap brand packing material, polyfill, or cotton)
• Scissors

Duct Tape Heart - Step 1
Step 1
  Take your desired size of duct tape and connect your strips of duct tape together.Cover the back side also so it is not sticky. 
Duct Tape Heart - Step 2
Step 2
Draw or trace a heart on the duct tape fabric.
Duct Tape Heart - Step 3
Step 3
Cut out the heart.
Duct Tape Heart - Step 4
Step 4
Repeat steps 1-3 so you have two identical hearts.
Duct Tape Heart - Step 5
Step 5
Place the hearts on top of each other and attach with small pieces of duct tape.  Be sure to leave about 3 inches open for stuffing the heart.
Duct Tape Heart - Step 6
Step 6
Fill the heart with stuffing.
Duct Tape Heart - Step 7
Step 7
Finish closing up the heart with small pieces of duct tape.

Enjoy your duct tape heart!I got some of this information from:
Duct Tape Heart - Step 8

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